El Shima Taha

Personal statement

I am a highly motivated and confident teacher with varied knowledge in both Science and Mathematics. I have been described as a creative engineer, and I have many interests coupled with a continuously strong desire to learn and train to enhance existing skills in order to consistently better myself, which makes me an excellent teacher, as I motivate my students to work their hardest too. I work effectively within a team or individually, and am able to use my own initiative to handle difficult situations without guidance. I am excited to be a part of an institution that values creative teaching and places an emphasis on creating enthusiastic student. I am also excited to take the time to work with students in order to inspire and motivate them in and out of the classroom.


  • 1998-2003, Ajman University of Science and Technology
  • 2006-2007, Queen Mary University of London
  • 2013-2014, University of East London


  • BSc in Biomedical Engineering
  • MSc in Medical Electronic and Physics
  • PGCSE Physics with Mathematics


  • Science and Maths Tutor and Al Shaima English Language Institute, Jan 2008- March 2009
  • Lecturer at Al Mughtaribeen University, December 2011- March 2013
  • Physics and Maths Trainee Teacher at Draper’s Academy and Loxford School of Science and Technology, September 2013- July 2014
  • Mathematics and Science Teacher at Eastbrook Comprehensive School, September 2014- November 2014
  • Science Teacher at Stratford School Academy, January 2015- July 2015
  • Science Teacher at Azhar Academy Girls School, January 2016- July 2016