Brian Marslack

Personal statement

Brian is a confident, hard-working team leader. He has taught in many schools over the past few years, which has helped him to develop many skills e.g. communication, teaching, listening and team work. His desire to learn and improve knowledge makes him a unique and understanding person. He has skills and knowledge essential for any tasks that are given to. He is well organised and always prepared for new tasks and always well equipped for the job.


Education and qualifications

  • University of York, Social sciences, Class: 2:2 from 1963-1967
  • University of East Africa, Education, Class: 2:1 from 1967-1968
  • University of Hull Education from 1988-1989


Taught A levels, IB and secondary school maths in:

  • Kenya -1968-1972
  • Kiribati -1972-1975
  • Lesotho -1976-1987
  • Barking Abbey -1989-1994
  • Malawi -1994-1995
  • South Africa -1996-2001
  • Norway -2001-2012