Covid-19 News: Classes will be resumed from 20th July.

Dear Parents / carers,

As the Prime Minister confirmed in his announcement on 23 June, providers who run community activities, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, tuition and other out-of-school provision for children can operate over the summer holiday, with safety measures in place. Therefore, we are delighted that LBD tuition will be able to re-open for classes from 20th July 2020.

LBD tuition centre as a professional organization we strongly advise that we follow the best practices as laid out in the government guidelines and specifically, ALL branches should have completed the following:

  • Undertaken a COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  • Created a written Health and Safety Policy specifying extra measures to be taken on account of COVID-19
  • Have a Designated Safeguarding Lead identified.
  • Have a first-aider on site.

Official guidance

We furthermore suggest that all parents/ carers and staff read and comply with the latest UK government advice on this topic. While this guidance applies to England, you should always consider whether there are additional local restrictions in place in your area. If so, you should first read the guidance relevant to your area as this may supersede guidance in these documents.

Key Measures that need to be in place

  • Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring those who have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms do not attend classes. This also applies if a member of their family has symptoms or if they have been advised by NHS Test & Trace as ‘a close contact’ to isolate at home. Teachers should hold the relevant data to assist with Test & Trace.
  • Encouraging all staff and students to wash their hands more often than usual, including before and after class and before and after using toilet/washroom facilities.
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often than usual using standard products, such as detergent or bleach.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning of toilets and washrooms.
  • Where possible, temporary floor marking defining required spacing per individual should be provided.
  • Manage occupancy of classes and allow long enough breaks between classes to ensure enough time for cleaning.
  • Introduce more one way flow routes through buildings.

Anxious about going back to tuition?

Our primary concern is the health and well being of our teachers, students and our wider communities. We understand that people may feel anxious about a return to the tuition centre. We have issued guidelines to LBD teachers, in line with current government advice, to help them to prepare for a safe return.

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